Monday, April 21, 2014

Current status.

Semua nak update status. Saya pun nak lah. Sekarang saya di minggu ke-9, semester akhir, tahun empat. Believe it or not, I'm a final year student! Only HE knows how do I feel deep inside. Currently is finishing(more to pushing myself to) my thesis writing, my action research writing, and my lab report. Coming up in this Wednesday is a quiz for my minor, Issue in Biology and Environment and Principle in Biochemistry. I do feel concentrated. But the thing is, I yang cari fasal, tak buat dari awal. Padan muka I! Cerita dia, I buat awal-awal cuma, I buat sikit-sikit, so, it's not complete. So, memang terbukti I'm guilty here as it is. And I admit that! Hoho. Just that, know I'm trying my very best to beat the sleeping-beast out of me so that I can focus on my writing. 
P/s : I really hope that I have that superpower like Elsa in Frozen. I wish that it would be a super-terer writing power instead of ice-frozen power. Let it go! Let it go! *Zass! Sambil pegang keyboard and terus siap writing 20 pages! Yippie!

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